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Vegan skincare is here to stay, as we can all agree. Using clean ingredients is the wave of the future for skin care products. The first thing that springs to mind for many when they hear “vegan” is food. However, this also applies to cosmetics and skincare. Surprisingly, a large number of cosmetics companies still rely on products tested on animals. Most of the time, they hide behind fancy names that don’t say their product origin. For this reason, let’s define vegan skincare more precisely to educate you further.

What exactly is vegan skincare?

Vegan skincare and cosmetics do not contain any ingredients tested on or derived from animals. These include animal-derived glycerin, squalene, wax, lanolin, and collagen, among others.

Is vegan the same thing as cruelty-free?

Asserting that a product is “cruelty-free” means that no animals were harmed in making it. Vegan, on the other hand, means that no part of the product has been produced from an animal or an animal byproduct. The vegan way of life rejects all forms of animal cruelty. Despite their labeling, some cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletries still contain animal byproducts.

Benefits of vegan skincare products

1.  It’s healthier and gentler for your skin

Plants have more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than other food groups. The skin reacts less negatively to plant-based products than to those made with animal byproducts. Moreover, there are no synthetic chemicals in plant-based alternatives. These ingredients are well known for their cleaning properties. They can lower your risk of acne by getting rid of the extra oil that makes pores clog up. Natural, plant-based antioxidants and vitamins also aid in the renewal of skin cells, contributing to a radiant, youthful appearance.

2.  They benefit and support animal health

Vegan skincare, as well as other vegan beauty products, cannot contain any ingredients that come from animals. Our furry pals will be protected from any potential harm this may have caused.

3.  They do not harm the environment

Vegan cosmetics are also safer for the environment. One of the main sources of greenhouse gases is the farming of animals used in cosmetics and skincare. Since the globe is already warming due to the sun’s rays, adding greenhouse gases worsens things.

4.  No harmful chemicals added

Some chemicals don’t come from animals, so they can be used in vegan skin care products. However, this is usually not the case. Beauty brands that don’t test on animals typically don’t utilize toxic ingredients.

How can I find vegan skincare?

You can find vegan skin care products with little effort. No matter the cost. The simplest method for a novice is to search for internationally recognized labels. You may also see “vegan-friendly” or the phrase “100% vegan” used. The Leaping Bunny certification is widely known and respected internationally. Clay & Olive Skincare has obtained Leaping Bunny certification to assure our customers that no new animal testing was conducted during product development.

You can check the label to see what goes into the product. You can also look online in advance for cruelty-free products. To make your choice easier, you can also shop for our purifying cleansing lotion, deep hydration cream, and anti-aging super elixir to start a simple vegan skincare routine.

There are vegan skin care products for every skin type. No matter what your skin type is—dry, oily, mature, or acne-prone, you can benefit from this. When it comes to skincare, a vegan cleanser and moisturizer will provide all the essential elements your skin requires.

Vegan skincare is here to stay!

Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be very complicated. A few natural, plant-based products can do wonders for your skin. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find the right skincare products from our carefully chosen collection. We are passionate about spreading the word about the benefits of vegan skincare. From creating our own organic, natural skincare range, to providing expert vegan know-how, we’ve got all bases covered.

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