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Since the beginning of time, women from all cultures and social classes have practiced skincare rituals with ingredients made accessible to them by Mother Earth. In early Egypt, women would exfoliate using salts from the Dead Sea and make soap paste out of clay and olive oil. Just like food, customs, and other traditions, beauty rituals were passed down through the generations, and my family is no exception.

Watching the southern matriarchs of my family observe their daily beauty rituals sparked my passion for skincare. My mother, the youngest of seven grew up on a large farm in rural Alabama. Growing up, she’d watch my grandmother hand craft soaps made from simple ingredients harvested on their farm. She would later share this inherited wisdom with me.

Clay & Olive Skincare carries on the legacy of generations of women in my family.

Face It

We Are Obsessed with Healthy Skin

What We Believe

Good Skincare is Clean Living

Clay & Olive Skincare was born out of the belief that simple luxury and clean ingredients are a necessity for women of all skin types. We believe even the simplest skincare routine should feel indulgent without compromising efficacy.

We are obsessed with your skin and committed to creating progressive skincare solutions that give you noticeable results. However, good skincare products are just one part of the journey to luminous skin. A healthy lifestyle, natural diet, and consistent skincare routine are key to long-term skincare success.

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