Skincare made simple.


Meet Founder - Keisha Young

Keisha Young is the founder and visionary behind Clay & Olive Skincare. Taking skincare recipes passed down from generations of women in her family, she forged forward to create an exciting vegan and cruelty-free line that unites skin wellness with self-care. She understands that women intentionally devote time and money to skincare but the result should be more than a skincare routine. Her desire is to help women discover a balanced and healthy relationship with their skin, putting their self-care needs first on a beautiful journey to heal and rejuvenate.

Through Clay & Olive Skincare, Keisha cultivates inclusive, ethical skincare products that are kind to both consumers and the environment with no compromise between high performance and naturalness.

Face It

We Are Obsessed with Healthy Skin

What We Believe

Good Skincare is Clean Living

Clay & Olive Skincare was born out of the belief that simple luxury and clean ingredients are a necessity for women of all skin types. We believe even the simplest skincare routine should feel indulgent without compromising efficacy.

We are obsessed with your skin and committed to creating progressive skincare solutions that give you noticeable results. However, good skincare products are just one part of the journey to luminous skin. A healthy lifestyle, natural diet, and consistent skincare routine are key to long-term skincare success.

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